About Amanda

“Intensely personal and yet at once universal, [Amanda’s] songs
can be as intimate as a confessional box or as independent
as a fifth generation grand dame”  Alanna Nash – Music Journalist.

Awards: Songwriter of the Year, Song of the Year, Key to the Frig at NSAI
the Nashville Songwriters Association International

Co-Penned number ONE HIT SONG titled
“Your Love Amazes Me” by Recording Artist: John Berry, Tanya Tucker, Micheal English, Joel Nova, and others!

Hunt-Taylor’s EP – Never Wanna Die

This is a beautiful set of heartfelt songs sung so deep from the soul. To me, it’s much like a painted landscape that takes you so many places. I’m proud to be one of the “colors” Amanda used for her masterpiece. This is a must for anyone who wants to listen to real classic songwriting!
Bernie Chiaravalle – Producer/Writer/Artist/Multi-instrumentalist and long-time Guitarist for Michael McDonald.

Saturated with soul
This self-produced effort is as good as it gets. The textures of the music are enough to keep even the most critical listeners’ attention, but the vocals are spot on with emotion and authenticity only a true artist can pull off. Amanda Hunt Taylor joins the ranks of Producer/artist like Butch Walker and Tom Petty! ~ Michael C

I really didn’t know what I was in for when I purchased the 5 song set. If it is possible to be an intimate and powerful poet at the same time, that’s Amanda. Musically sophisticated yet totally accessible. The production of this collection will give U2 and Peter Gabriel a run for the money at times. Amanda’s voice is as compelling and endearing as anyone, anywhere. The songs are assembled beautifully. Wow!
Andy Peake – Nashville Session Player – Drummer/Percussionist – Nashville, TN

Nashville Tasty
This EP is frustrating because it’s the best of everything Nashville artistry is all about, but in too small a portion. Amanda Hunt Taylor has a fine-tuned the craft of writing songs you already seem to know and followed up with the production chops that few can master. The layers of guitartistry carry her soulful voice through five heartfelt pieces of new Americana Pop. This effort will have the likes of Bonnie Riatt and KD Lang wishing these mixes were on their projects…. give us more!
Stephen Keeng – Musician/Producer

 Reviews for “Only When I Breathe” CD

Amanda Hunt-Taylor … is a person with a rare and complex combination of talents. She writes with emotional intelligence, but also with emotional abandonment, and though her voice is a wonderfully pure and controlled melodic instrument, she surrenders herself to every song, and you forget that you’re listening to a record.”
Randy Vanwarmer – Pop artist/songwriter – You Left Me Just When I needed You Most

Amanda Hunt-Taylor’s new stuff sets a kind of mood and emotion that you don’t often hear these days. She knocked me out, and you better believe I’m jaded as hell, so that’s not easy to do! Bob Welch – Songwriter/Guitarist of the original Fleetwood Mac Band.

Amanda is a friend of mine: I’m also a fan; she brings her own infectious passion to everything that she does. This record is no exception. She is a singer-songwriter-producer extraordinaire and a real person to boot. She’s also a great cook, and being good-looking doesn’t hurt. There’s a lot of love on this record y’all, when you hear it for the first time, you’ll get it.

Love you toots.” ~ Michael Smotherman – Songwriter/Artist/Multi-Instrumentalist/HIT songwriter

Award Winning Songwriter
Songwriter of the Year and Song of the Year

With a powerful delivery of uncompromising lyrics, singer-songwriter Amanda Hunt-Taylor has etched her mark among the heavy hitters in the Nashville Music Industry. Hunt-Taylor, grew up in the heart of the Nashville music industry and is a second-generation songwriter.  Releasing two CDs to date, charted at 22 in the Americana Charts titled “Only When I Breathe.” Critics claim Amanda’s second EP released in 2012  titled “Never Wanna Die” is Hunt-Taylor’s most powerful work to date.

Every song I write has a reason, a story that only I know.  When it comes to my personal creative process, there is nothing gentle about it.  It can be lonely, isolating, intangible, magical, fiery, exciting, erratic, surprising, questionable, self doubting, addicting and relentless.  It’s the pulling of heartstrings that continue to get plucked until the song is written. It’s a constant tapping on the shoulder that won’t stop until I start creating.  That is the world in which I so helplessly and so beautifully live in everyday.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.”  Amanda

Amanda and her husband are living in Texas. Amanda continues to write and perform in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. 


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  1. Hi Amanda!! I met you through Cynthia Ryan years ago! Just wanted to tell you I still think you have one of the best voices! Still listening to your CD from years ago!!

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  2. Amanda’s music is as pure as her heart and soul because that’s exactly where it originates. She is a true master!


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