“Intensely personal and yet at once universal, [Amanda’s] songs can be as intimate as a confessional box or as independent as a fifth generation grand dame”, writes Alanna Nash – Music Journalist.

With a powerful delivery of uncompromising lyrics, singer songwriter Amanda Hunt-Taylor has etched her mark among the heavy hitters in the music industry. Topping the Americana charts with her first debut CD “Only When I Breathe”, a full-bodied record overflowing with Amanda’s divergent musical tastes, showcases the many sides to this seasoned Artist, Producer and Award Winning Writer.

Hunt-Taylor, grew up in the heart of the Nashville music industry and is a second generation songwriter. Amanda was writing songs before she could physically write. Inspired to tell a story, at only four years old, according to Amanda’s mom, when Amanda was inspired, she would bug her big sisters and have them write down every word she wanted to say, dictating her story for her and if her sisters didn’t write it down, she would scream and cry until they did what she wanted.

Leaving Belmont College her sophomore year, in the late 80’s, feeling restless and ready to pursue her music career, she hit music row and began her career as a songwriter and demo singer. Landing her first publishing deal with New Clarion Music Group a few years later. It wasn’t until her third publishing deal in 1994 with Gila Monster Music when she  co-penned her first #1 HIT song titled “Your Love Amazes Me”.  The song was named SESAC’s “Song of the Year” and Amanda was named SESAC’s “Song Writer of the Year”. She was also honored with “Song of the Year” and “Songwriter of the Year” awards at the Nationally televised Country Music Songwriters Awards Show *The Peoples Choice Awards Show.”  The song went number one in all 3 charts for country music artist John Berry.  John’s only number one hit that went number one in all THREE charts. It was a top ten HIT for adult contemporary artist Michael English. Something most do not know is that Tanya Tucker was the first artist to actually record this song. You can find the song on Tanya Tucker’s box set.

After many publishing deals and feeling restless, in 1998 Amanda decided to leave the publishing song mill and open her own publishing company, establishing AmandaRick Music. In 2000, Amanda and her husband Rick Taylor, opened up their own record label – AmandaRick Records. Amanda then teamed up with George Marinelli (Multi-Instrumentalist and guitar player for Bonnie Riatt) creating her 1st debut CD titled “Only When I Breathe.” Released by her record label, AmandaRick Records.

Amanda’s first single, “Your Love Amazes Me,” charted in the top 20 of the Americana Charts. It was a success by a landmark, considering the majors she went up against as she moved up the charts surpassing the Dixie Chicks and Jim Lauderdale. It was through lots of hard work and determination that continue to be Amanda’s winning combination for success.

In 2012 when Amanda released her next body of work. A 5 song EP titled, “Never Wanna Die” critics claim it is Hunt-Taylor’s most powerful work to date.  Amanda adds:

“As a entrepreneur: producer, writer and artist, it was very important that I create a body of work that was a reflection of me as a whole. My production, writing and vocal style. I wanted to take an organic approach, using my original tracks on every song. I didn’t want this EP to be another body of work where I co-write all the songs, then hire some of the best of the best studio musicians in #Nashville and let them create an ambiance of sound around me, I wanted my sound to come through. 

When it comes to this EP, each song came to me in an inspired moment and captured. I don’t even know what some of the lyrics mean. All I know is that they were specifically given to me as a gift by the universe to write and bring their message to the world.  Every song full of meaning, some deeper than others. It’s up to the audience to decide what the song means to them. That is the magic of songs.

Every song on this EP has a story and was a gift to me from the universe. I made this EP because I was inspired and moved to make it.  I made this EP for me, but of course I hope others like it too, but that’s not why I made it, or continue to create. It’s not something I do, then wait for the pat on the back to be reassured that I should continue. Creativity doesn’t work like that.  There is nothing gentle about the process either. The creative process can be lonely, isolating, intangible, magical, fiery, exciting, questionable, self doubting, addicting and relentless. It’s the pulling of heart strings that continue to get invisibly plucked until the song is written. It’s a constant tapping on the shoulder, or the constant drip of a water faucet that won’t stop until you start creating. That is the world in which I so helplessly live in everyday. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

With rave reviews, Amanda succeeded once again in making her mark among the heavy hitters of the music industry, and among the greats in this world of songwriters. Hunt-Taylor’s independently released and produced EP can be purchased via this website only.

Currently, Amanda is working on her next EP project in Fort Worth, Texas, where Amanda and her husband now reside.  Release date is unknown.

Stay tuned ….

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