“Intensely personal and yet at once universal, [Amanda’s] songs can be as intimate as a confessional box or as independent as a fifth generation grand dame”, writes Alanna Nash – Music Journalist.

With a powerful delivery of uncompromising lyrics, singer songwriter Amanda Hunt-Taylor has etched her mark among the heavy hitters in the music industry. Topping the Americana charts with her first debut CD “Only When I Breathe”, a full-bodied record overflowing with Amanda’s divergent musical tastes, showcases the many sides to this seasoned Artist/Writer and Producer.

Hunt-Taylor, originally from Atlanta Georgia, grew up in the heart of the music industry. Amanda’s father, Kenneth E. Hunt was also a hit songwriter in the 70’s, co-penning the song “If Fingerprints Showed Up On Skin I wonder Whose I’d Find On You.” Amanda’s mother Judy Hunt, CEO of Judy of Nashville, has made stage clothes for the Country Music Stars since the late 60’s. Literally growing up on music row in Nashville, Tennessee, being surrounded by so many talented artist writers from different genres from around the world, Amanda’s knew at 3 years of age that she wanted to be a songwriter.

In 1994 Hunt-Taylor had her first #1 HIT song titled, “Your Love Amazes Me” and was named SESAC’s “Songwriter Of The Year” and “Song of the Year”.  Amanda was also honored with “Song of the Year” at the CNN Country Music Songwriters awards and “Songwriter of the Year” for the song “Your Love Amazes Me.” The song was also a top ten HIT for adult contemporary artist Michael English, and a number one in all 3 charts for country music artist John Berry. John’s only number one HIT and song to date that went to number one in all three charts.

In 2012, Hunt-Taylor Composed, Produced, Played on her second creative work titled, “Never Wanna Die.” This EP is her most powerful work to date.  Amanda played on every song with exception of this track, “Did We Ever Stop Falling,” in which Amanda states, “When you have guys like Michael Whittaker on Keyboards, there is no way I am going to vibe it better than a talent like Michael, and he did!”

With rave reviews, Amanda succeeded once again in making her mark among the heavy hitters of the music industry, and among the greats in this world of artists and writers. Hunt-Taylor’s independent EP, “Never Wanna Die”, is her best work to date.

Currently, Amanda is working on her next EP project in Dallas, Texas.  Release date is unknown.

Stay tuned ….

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