“Intensely personal and yet at once universal, [Amanda’s] songs can be as intimate as a confessional box or as independent as a fifth generation grand dame”, writes Alanna Nash – Music Journalist.

With a powerful delivery of uncompromising lyrics, singer songwriter Amanda Hunt-Taylor has etched her mark among the heavy hitters in the music industry. Topping the Americana charts with her first debut CD “Only When I Breathe”, a full-bodied record overflowing with Amanda’s divergent musical tastes, showcases the many sides to this seasoned Artist, Producer and Award Winning Writer.

Hunt-Taylor, grew up in the heart of the Nashville music industry and is a second generation songwriter. Amanda was writing songs before she could even write. Inspired to tell a story, she would have her big sisters write down every word she would say, according to Amanda’s mom, if her sisters didn’t write it down, she would throw a fit until they did.

Leaving Belmont College her sophomore year, in the mid 80’s, feeling restless and ready to pursue her music career, she hit music row and began her career as a songwriter and demo singer. Landing her first publishing deal with New Clarion Music Group a few years later. It wasn’t until her third publishing deal in 1994 with Gila Monster Music when she co-penned her first #1 HIT song titled “Your Love Amazes Me”.  The song was named SESAC’s “Song of the Year” and Amanda was named SESAC’s “Song Writer of the Year”. She was also honored with “Song of the Year” and “Songwriter of the Year” awards at the Nationally televised Country Music Songwriters Awards Show.  The song went number one in all 3 charts for country music artist John Berry. It was a top ten HIT for adult contemporary artist Michael English. Something most do not know is that Tanya Tucker was the first artist to actually record this song. You can find the song, Your Love Amazes Me on her box set.

In 2000, Amanda opened up her own record label – AmandaRick Records and teamed up with George Marinelli (Multi-Instrumentalist and guitar player for Bonnie Riatt) and created her 1st debut CD titled “Only When I Breathe.” Released by her record label, AmandaRick Records, her first single, “Your Love Amazes Me,” charted in the top 20 of the Americana Charts.

In 2012 Amanda released a 5 song EP titled, “Never Wanna Die” critiques claim it is Hunt-Taylor’s most powerful work to date.  Amanda adds:

“As a producer, writer and artist, it was very important that I create a body of work that was a reflection of my production, writing and vocal style. I wanted to take an organic approach, using my original tracks on every song. I didn’t want this EP to be another body of work where I co-write all the songs, then hire some of the best of the best studio musicians and let them create the sound for you, which happens more often than not, I mean, have you listened to main stream radio lately?  I will say that the studio musicians I used after everything I wanted to be heard and felt was in place, absolutely knocked it out of the ballpark. 

I will add that there is a certain inspired moment to any original song, track and vocal, that if not captured the moment they are being written, played or sung, can’t be re-captured. The passion and the meaning are wrapped up in that 5 or 6 minute inspired session. However, there are exceptions and that is for the songs that were born inspired, regardless of any one thing. They are just special. The exception on this EP was the song Did We Ever Stop Falling. Michael Whitaker played keys on that song, I knew that this song had magic and it wasn’t in my playing, it was in the melody, the lyric and I was correct. I stepped back and Michael, the genius that he is, knocked it out of the ball park! 

Every song on this EP has a story and is special, to me, thats the only reason I made this EP. And I guess like everyone else, I hope others like it too, but thats not why I made it. I made this EP because I was inspired and moved to make it.”

With rave reviews, Amanda succeeded once again in making her mark among the heavy hitters of the music industry, and among the greats in this world of songwriters. Hunt-Taylor’s independently produced EP and independently released on her label, AmandaRick Records, can be purchased on iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon music and many other online music retail stores. SEE LINKS BELOW




Currently, Amanda is working on her next EP project in Fort Worth, Texas, where Amanda and her husband now reside.  Release date is unknown.

Stay tuned ….

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